Micro Property Management

We can help you organize and maximize your properties and their cash flow potential. Monthly updates designed to include financial reporting, receipts, photos, activity, etc. You decide how much involvement you want in the process (hands off to full involvement) - you design the process that works for you.

couple Tenant

We make your renting experience easy and efficient. We take our management duties seriously and are dedicated to offering you the best service to make the most of your living experience.

Our open and friendly communication is key to a good-natured relationship, so please contact us if you ever have any questions.

door Owner

You decide the rental strategy (section 8, Craig's list, Oregonian, web site, etc.)
Fee schedule: Tenant placement: $450

Monthly maintenance fee: 8% of rental income (all admin related to the unit)

measure Maintenance

Handy-man fee: $45 / hr plus materials

All remodel / construction concepts are based on preliminary estimates during planning phase with complimentary initial consultation.

Latest news

Contrary to the popular belief that home ownership is the best and most financially sound decision that one can make for their family, people are coming to the conclusion that apartment rentals offer just as many benefits, though of a different nature, as home ownership does. It is arguable which decision is the best, and in the long run, it is more about personal choice than it is about making the absolute right one.